Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Second Anniversary,Love!

Today is December 29 2010. It's our second anniversary hubby. I'm happy because we can make it until now. It's has been 2 years hubby! 2 years! 2 years we've being a couple. I'm happy and grateful to have you in my life. U're loving,caring,daring,understanding,humorous,willing to do anything for me. I appreciate all the things that you had done for me. Hurm..i know,we've been couple for these 2 years,but we never celebrate it together. Last year,we don't have the chance because i was on the way to go back to Miri. That time i just can wished through the phone. But now? How can i wish it to you? I can't call you or even to send you a single text. You're far away from me dear. New Zealand! Feels like i want to fly to NZ. How i wish i will have a wings so that i can meet you anytime i want. LOL! Or maybe have magic that could send me to you. Haha.. That's silly. I hope you can hear my heart shout "I LOVE & MISS YOU HUBBY!!". I have to wait for more 1 and half years for your return to Malaysia. I hope time flies faster. I can't wait anymore. I'm afraid that i can't stand this obstacle. I hope u'll not forget about today,hubby. Take care yourself there. May God bless you. Always know that i love you,alright? I've never change. If i change.i'll change for good. Just like you said last time. :') I love you so much!

Heaps of love,
your sayang.

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