Sunday, June 26, 2011

1 minggu

Pa benda yg 1 minggu tu? Hmm.. Bagi sapa2 yg tau or ikuti prkembangan cerita hidup aku,mesti tau apa yg trjadi seminggu yg lepas. Ya,ni ttg aku putus cinta. Dah seminggu dah. :') Tadi ada texting ngan dia jap. B4 midnite menjelang. :') He says 'Swear to God,i want you back. But..hmm.. I don't know. I'm afraid that i will hurt you again.' Then i tell him,'Dear,semua org buat silap. Tak kira dlm hal apa sekalipun. You also said that that's the price that we have to pay for love,remember? You teach me that. :') '

I don't why.. After i say like that,i felt ease in my heart. Knowing that he still want me back same as i do,i just can smile. Well,it's all in his hand. He's the only one who can change all this. Missing each other like this way won't help at all unless if we are back together. Betul la kan? Kalau dah jadi couple balik,tak perlu la masing2 trseksa menanggung rindu mcm ni lagi. Tapi tu la.. Hmm.. Takpe,mana2 keputusan dia lah. As long as he know and remember what i told him all this while. :') Let's keep this life beautiful no matter what you had to going through after this. Just try and be strong. :')

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