Sunday, June 26, 2011

H I M (N E W S P I R I T)

Hello readers! Hello peeps! ^^ I'm so happy today. Not only today but since last night. Ok. Last night,i feel like i'm getting a new spirit. Surely it's from someone that is very close to me. Ahaa.. Close meh? Urm.. Yes i think. *wink. Or maybe i should say someone that ever close to me before. Oh yes! That's it! Oh sorry. Finally i found the most suitable sentence to describe it. =..='

Yes,it's all started last night. Don't know what happened last night. I texted him just to say that i miss him. Yeah! It's me who started it 1st. Then he replied me in just a few mins. Urm.. No need to wait long for him to reply me.. :) Blablablabla.. Then i fall asleep as he's hang out with his friends.

I woke up this morning and received one message from him with a word 'syg'. Then my eyes just like zuuuuppppp!! Widely open when i saw that word! But i just say,'ya??'. He miss to call me that way,peeps! And when he said that he want to continue sleeping,because he willing to stay awake for about a hour just to wait for me to reply his text this morning. I said okay,but after 20 minutes,he texted me again.

He : Hmm.. Damn! Can't sleep. I miss you so much.
Me : Just close your eyes. Don't think anything. Sure you can sleep.
He : I can't. It's you in my mind now.
Me : =') What's wrong?
He : I just miss you so much.
Me : I miss you too dear. But what we can do? Just keep on missing each other only.
He : We need time to rebuild everything back to normal.
Me : Okay. As you wish. Like i tell you before,the decision is in your hand. :)
He :  Sayang.. (again he call me like that :') ) After we break up,i'm so worry about you.
Me : Why?
He : Thinking that you will really leave me.
Me : :( It's not me that wanna leave,but you are the one who let me go.
He : Yup. And i though you will really move on.
Me : And i really though that you don't love me anymore 'cause you seem like giving up on me and not trying to get me back.
He : I'm always love you. I don't know any about you since that. I'm so worry.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Since that,i felt i'm so live! Don't know why. Since yesterday,when a new fresh start in the morning,i set in my mind to not bother about it anymore since it's already been a week we broke up. Wanna starts my new chapter but he's come back giving new spirit in me. I'm not his special girlfriend,but i'm still his girlfriend.Do you get it? He never throw me away as his friend yet i'm still in his heart. That is why i said i'm still his girlfriend. In Malay,teman wanita or kawan perempuan. Get it already? ^^ Ok. Good dog! :p Haha. No offence! Right,back to the story.. I just wanna say that whatever gonna happen in the present,i will get up and stay strong in leading my life. Adios~ Life must go on. With or without love. :')

The weirdest thing happened
the other morning...
I woke up with
tears in my eyes..
and one rolling
down my cheek..and I knew
I must have been
dreaming of you again.

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