Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hey,i'm missing you,buddy! :(

Mana ni emo-icon sad face?? Blog should have one bah. :( To show with clearly people out there our real feeling. Haha huhu. Suddenly feel so sad atas 'kehilangan' seseorang ni. Waaa! D: Entah ke mana la budak ni menghilang. Honestly,we have never met each other. Don't know how we getting closer. We knew each other through Facebook. Oh Facebook! You are really connecting others even though they don't know each other. 

Hmm.. :( I used to called him 'brother'. And he called me 'sister'. I say he is an 'alien'. And he say me 'seposen'. Haha. :') Then i said,''you're my LIMITED EDITION ALIEN". He replied,"you're my only seposen". Haha. Goshh! I miss him,i miss my bro. We are so close before,until my own boyfie so curious and suddenly asked me who that guy is. Cuz' he saw and read our wall  post last time. Hmm. I think he(my alien) and I lost contact for almost a month. Last time we contact is after the breaking up. I mean,when i break off with my bf. 

Uwaa! Why bah? Where have you been bro?? Your Facebook account is not activated anymore. I can't find you there. Same goes to your girlfie. Alahai.. I didn't add her as a friend also,my mistake. :-/ Hurm.. I hope you're just being fine anywhere you go and in whatever you do,brother. I wish you read this,but i know you wont. :-/ And obviously,org lain yg baca ni. -.-' Haiz.. Ke kau dah balik ke Sydney? :( Apasal tiba2 menghilang bah?? Eee..  Tak patut btl la,kalau ye pun dah balik Sydney,of course la still dpt surf itu Facebook. :-/ Tak sound2 langsung. It's okay. I hope you won't forget me. Huhu. I'm afraid that you will forget me. You used to feel the same way to : afraid that i will forget you! No,bro. I never forget you. :'( May God bless you whenever you are. I miss you,Alien! :')

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