Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wordless Thursday ^^

Yesterday,it's our 3rd monthsary. :) I just can't say any thing to express my feeling right now. It just..i want to see him in front of me all the time,if it could be real. :) But i know it wont. Anyhow,i came to see him last night. But it just for a while. He got his plan with friends,so do i. But if could,he can join us or i can join him and the gang. But i couldn't left my friends just like that since i'm the one who brought 'em out. =/ I feel bad for that. In dilemma for a while. Hubby texted me,asked me to join him. Then,i excused my self from my friends and told them to let me get my boy for a while and if they want to go home,just give me a call.

Though it's a ladies night (LOL),i went to see my boy at his's boy friends's apartment and they having 'dance on the floor' there. The apartment is just such a night club. My mouth stuck with O-shape when i entered the house. Man! I became SAKAI seeing the disco ball on the ceiling. Hahaha! If only i could make one on my own room exactly like that. :p But betteh don't,later mum kill me. :D Almost 11.30pm,i asked hubby to go home. Then i pick my friend's up at Taman Awam,where i left them before that. Huhu. I went home around 12am. :)

Going to school today,i don't talk too much. Just enjoyed my self doing my stuff while the rest is chit chat and LOL-ing all the times when get the chance to do so. :) I studied in the class and pay a bit attention more than usual. Until its the time to go home,i don't talk much also and my friends asked me whether i'm okay or not. I said i'm okay. Like usual. :) But i guess,today is my wordless day. Save saliva and rest my mouth. LOL. =.='

Now,i misses my man. :( When will i could see him again? It just i don't know why i always misses him. But do he miss me too? I've no idea about that. We seldom texting now because he's working and after went home in the evening,he spent his time to sleep. I'm very understanding tho' so i let him be in his dreamland for a few hours. ^^ The next day,same thing happened again and so on.. I have no comment to put on. I just want him to know,no matter what,i hope he always love and misses me too like i do. :') And his love towards me will never change due times.

P/s:Happy 3rd monthsary my love. ^^
Lots of love,

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