Monday, October 31, 2011


When L meets U meets C meets K meets Y,they will be a word. Yes! It's LUCKY. Hahaha. Why posting about LUCKY? Well~ Don't know lah kan,why in this few days,asyik da jodoh ja sama word LUCKY. Aih..
Few days ago,i posted up this sentence on my Facebook.

"My friend said,"Your bf must be a very lucky man to win your heart/hand."
I wish he feel that way too,friend. :) "

Then,one of my fb's friend commented laa.. He said,"Your bf is fucking lucky..not just very lucky..hehe..lucky man". Then boyfie also comment and ask this guy why saying like that. Then the guy answered him,"You two are in love,you loves her and she loves you and care about you and talk about you all the time (Amboi.. =.=' Ye ke all the time? Chicken chop btl la. Haha) And that makes you lucky man. Do you feel that dude?"
Then boyfie replied him,"don't envy me,i am lucky. :D Love stuff. Hehe."

Then i posted up again this sentence,"How do i know that i am lucky too to have you while they keep saying that you're lucky to have me? =.= #curious "

Haha.. Then the same guy commented me. Then boyfie showed up. LOL. It doesn't matter la actually. But i just a bit tak puas hati la since people always say he's lucky. Eh? Why??? Haha. Bukan apa bah.. Sometimes i also and really want to see and hear someone tell him that i am lucky to have him as my only one. I don't want them to tell me that he's lucky to have me,in front of me. It's useless sometimes. Haha. Mcm make me get jealous jak. Hehe. But nevermind la. It's my unmatured thinking. Biasalah. Umur pun masih 18. Still not fully dewasa. (Amboi.. Ngaku?? Haha) Yes.. Ngaku la ni. Hehe.

Bila fikir2kan,YES,he should feel that way and do realize that he's lucky to have me. Adoii... Not want to puji2 diri bagus ka apa. But,after apa yang kami telah lalui before ni,i think he should be more bersyukur bah. I've been hurted so hard last time by him,yet i still give him chances. People say i'm stupid enough to forgive and accept him back in my life. :( I know i've been hurted so much,like he never care about my feeling last time.Yes,i do feel stupid by doing this that time,but i just followed my heart.

When friends hear to my story about us,the first thing that will come out from their mouth is,"you're stupid,girl. He hurt you damn hard. But you still accept him and give him a second chance. If i were in your shoes,i will never accept him back. But one thing we puji about you la,in love matter,i do respect you. It's your heart. :) Not many people can do what you did."

Some of them also was saying this to me,"masih ada juga perempuan macam kamu,saya ingat dah tak da.". Yes friend,masih ada org yg sebodoh like me,yg dah dilukai sgt2,tp still want the guy that broke her heart. I don't call this a true love. But i do called it a sacrifice. Sepanjang 10 hari berpisah,barulah he sedar that i'm that valuable to him. Bak kata org kan,kdg2 perpisahan tu buat kita sedar,yg kita dah kehilangan/lepaskan org yg brmakna dlm hidup kita. Jadi,dgn kehilangan tu,kita akan lebih menghargai seseorg atau sesuatu pada masa akan dtg.

Yerrr~ Pjg pula berceloteh,tak sedar dah lewat mlm. Haha. So,next time lagi la blogging lagi k? Papai~ :)

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