Thursday, November 24, 2011

Be Grateful with What You Have

So here am i,wanna telling you guys that i had a good life for this time being although i have some problems,but yeah.. I managed to control it from hurting me inside and i'm not dying inside again. Not dying inside again? Hahaha. I LIED. I do still dying inside,but not as much as before. With all the lovely people around me,my friends,my family especially my mum and also my boyfie. They are my strength.

5 days ago,i was crying in front of this small thing (my notebook) while inbox-ing with boyfie. I told him all thing that has been bothering me. Lama dah oh ku tahan air mata,for a about a week la. Then,that night i teared up myself. Finally~ :') Boyfie opened up my mind to think more clearly and positively. So yeahh.. He did it! :')

So for now,i take things easy and just be calm. In this holiday mood,i'm more close to my own boyfie,which is my bestfriend too. ^^ Yeah. He once my best friend,and he is now. Still. Nothing's change. He always makes me happy. I have no idea but i can see that he starting to appreciate me more than before. He putted his attention on me more than before. Everything's change.

Last night we met and we have a long talk at Tanjong. Our regular place. =.=' Haha. Okay,i told him about my family and we talked about us. We flip back all of our memories,how is we met,such a coincidence actually. Then we talked about the night i called him for the first time just to asked for his help. How we start to couple,the night we having fun at his friend's place. But then,i felt sad when i remembered that i was lost him once. I asked him,did he ever think that one day he will lose me again. And he said no,he never do. But i do. Yes i do,like so many times. I'm afraid that i will lose him one day. :( I'm not hoping too. If can't may he will be the last,but i don't have the power to makes thing eternally belongs to me. But thanks to my friends,they do pray for me and wished me the best for this relationship. I didn't ask them to do that. It made me felt so touched and so blessed. Be blessed of all of you,friends. ^^

About friendship,i love it so much than any other thing in this world besides my family and my relationship. I'm afraid of losing one of my friend. Really. Knowing him for 3 years,we never meet,but he's one of my best friend. He's untouchable-and-unseen-friend that still contact me. We was close before but not now anymore. I just missed the old times i had with this friend of mine. But he seems getting far from me. I know why. It's because i'm in a relationship and he told me to appreciate what i had now. I do appreciate what i had now friend. Plus,i'm so grateful with it. But do you understand what i want? I want my old friend,the person that you used to be. If my other male friends can be close to me now even though they know that i'm in a relationship,why not you? So disappointed. :(

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Asheyraf Adymss said...

Of course we'd thankful for what we having :) most people don't appreciate it, treat em like a trash!!!

Chris-ty V. said...

i know right. but i'm not like that. I appreciate all that i had now. But i know i can't take care all that i love (people or thing). :(

Asheyraf Adymss said...

I know you would dear, all we need is have faith and never let our precious thing/person go and treat em like rubbish, far as i known i'm glad to had friends like you and Nurul eventho nurul and me barely contact each other now,..Only GOD know how grateful I am. :)

Chris-ty V. said...

Syukurlah if like that. Hehe. I'm glad to have best buddy like you too. :D

Asheyraf Adymss said...

me either, you have my word you know nothing is going to change. :D

Chris-ty V. said...

haha..just like a song! Nothing's gonna change my love for you. yer~ Abaikan. Xda kaitan. :D