Monday, February 13, 2012

Dreamed of you

This morning,I woke up with feelings of sorrow. I found myself just dreamed about him. I never thought that I would have such a dream,never thought that he will appear in my dream. Maybe I just missed him so much till he appeared in my dream. I don't know what to say. I could described it as my sad dream. Why sad? Hmm.. In that dream,i was bumped into him in a mall (if I'm not mistaken).

I saw him with in just few meters in front of me. He was in his purple long sleeve shirt. Just like a sweater one. The one that he used in his profile picture on FB itu bah.. :) He ever used that shirt for our 2nd time keluar sama if I'm not mistaken. That time we are still friend and not yet in a special relationship. Eh? Jauh cerita aku memesong. =/ Damnit. Haha. :D

In my dream,after I saw him from a distant,I tried to hide myself so that he won't see me around. But it's useless lah cause' he saw me before me sempat sembunyikan diri. Hmm! =.=' Rasa resah di alam mimpi terbawa2 sampai ke alam separuh sedar,so aku pun terus bgn dr tidur. Hmm.. :[

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