Monday, July 9, 2012

I heart you,Love!

It's been a month. My heart filled with love again. Hehe.
Never expect that I will talk about LOVE again here. Pfft!
Well,I love my current boyfriend. Really love him so damn much! :D
Who would have a thought that I would be with him now. Well,I still can believe that we are together now.
I knew him a year ago. From being just a friend,we became a bestfriend. Then he became my Guardian Angel because he just like an angel to me. Haha.
Why? Because just by hearing to my voice on the phone,he knows that I were happy or sad. O.o It's creepy. I know. Haha.
But there's something special about him that make me calm to be with him. His soothing words maybe. Maybe la.. He kept on advice me this and that. Even sometime tak mau dengar,tapi trpaksa pasang telinga juga kan? Mau jaga hati la konon. Haha. Then we always argue also. Somehow,annoying juga dia ni.
Tapi still juga saya syg dia. Hehe. And I don't know bila masanya hati ni terus jatuh sayang sedalam2nya kat dia. But never expect that he will be mine someday.
After being single beberapa bulan,I spent time with him and his friends,which is also my friends,I can forget my EX a little by little. And my boyfie came at the right time.
That night,I accepted him without hesitation. I just can't say anything to answer him when he proposed me. All I can do was smiled at him and nodded my head.
When his friends knew about us,about him being in a relationship,kami rasa macam artis pulak. LOL. =.= Don't know la why they are so excited about him being in a relationship. Haha. Guess that my boyfie is so special la. Dia single pun sudah lama.. Mana tidak kwn2 dia heboh pasal kami. Selama 2 minggu lagi tu. =.= LOL. My friends also heboh eyy.. But most of them happy for me la because they know i was really broken hearted after break up with my Ex in the early January.
Hmm.. Don't wanna talk about it. Useless la. Anyway,I'm happy now to be with my love. I hope that he's the last person that hold my hand till my last breath. I know I'm expect too much,but there's nothing wrong about it,right? Who knows,dreams may be come true,only if we have faith on it. :)

P/s: Hey love,I heart you so much! ;)

I'm happy with you,dear! <3

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