Saturday, February 18, 2012

They Called It Valentine's Day,I Called It Self Awareness Single Day

Valentine's Day dah 4 hari pun berlalu,baru hari ni aku nak post psl Valentine. Eh bukan pak cik Valentine ko tu.. Psl Hari Valentine lah. Haha. Sedihkan bila tgk org keluar smbut Valentine dgn couple? (Bagi yg Christian je la.) God.. I thought la thn ni dpt la celebrate Valentine dgn my bf. Tup tup..break pulak last month. Haha. 'Bertuah' la sgt kan? =.=' Huhu..

On the Valentine's Day,aku keluar dgn org yg aku syg. Even dia bkn milik aku,tp aku msih syg dia. Who else that person could be? Of course my own ex. Lalalala~. I know la what you guys think about. Since my ex dah byk kali ajak tgk wyg and me kept saying tak dpt,than that day,berkesempatan utk keluar,so keluar la. We went to MM and tgk wyg. Movie Chronicle. Grr~ Can't say much about the movie. After sent him back to his place,then I drove back to my residential area. Met my friend first before I went home. Dah janji pun nak jumpa dia that day,cuma plan trpksa delayed.

My friend gave me Valentine's gifts. Once I got the presents,I asked for a permission to open the gifts. Firstly,I read the card,it do teared me up. I cried after read it. Terharu gila me,you know? Sedih plus happy pun ada. What is written on the card? Let me keep it as a scret la k? :) It keeps me wondering,but I just don't want to think much about it. Lastly,I opened a small rectangular box. There's a bracelet in it. Huhu. All I can do is crying and keep on silent. Then I hugged my friend sebagai tanda terima kasih and sorry la tadi. I was sad because I know dia habiskan masa utk buat and sediakan semua tu utk aku. Aku tau dia plan byk benda that day,tapi aku pulak just rosakkan the plan and going out with my ex. So,my friend ni tadi bad mood la. Huhu. After dgr dia nagging sana nagging sini sal hari dia hari tu,aku rasa bersalah la.. That's why air mata mengalir sebab terharu,happy,sedih and rsa brsalah semua brcampur baur.

Before balik,we went to 7 Eleven because nak top up. Mcm biasa,aku tggu dlm kereta and dia pergi beli top up. Other than that,dia belikan aku Chocolate Cadbury and Orange Minute Maid Puply. Damnn!! It's my favorite. Huhu. You know,I'm addicted to the MMP. Haha. :D Then the chocolate,I brought it to school the next day and share it with my friends. Haha. About the chocolate,you tunggu until next month pun,chocolate takkan hbis2 dimakan. Haha. Susah nak hbis kan chocolate sorg2,dah la yg besar pulak tu,so the best way is share la ngn kwn2,bkn rugi pun. Sharing is caring bah kan? :D Tapi Minute Maid Pulpy tu sorry la kalau nak share. Haha. Yg tu kedekut sikit la. Ngee~ Even dgn my own mum pun aku tak nak share. But she know la I love the MMP,that's why setiap kali dia beli air for me,dia akan beli MMP. Wee~ The best mom ever. :) Every mom knows what her children like and dislike kan?

The kotak gelang and card yg blm dibuka. :)

So,inilah rupa bracelet and card tu. Simple but nice. :)

P/s: Gmbr chocolate and MMP lupa ambil. Tp x kisah pun. Yg penting ada mention. Oh oh.. To my friend,thank you so much for the gifts ya? God bless you. :)

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