Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm 19 already

Oh hey.. Lama dah x blogging. Rinduuu~ Mcm biasa la,mesti akan kata rindu nak blogging stiap kali mulakan entry. Haha. Lame. :D Tp itu la kenyataan.

Tujuan buat entry kali ni nak bagitau la yg aku dah officially 19 pd 28 Mac yg lepas. Lol. Terasa makin muda la. Haha. =.=' Ok,yg sbnrnya,bila tarikh dah nak masuk 28 Mac tu,aku mmg agak emosi la sikit kerana satu perkara. Hurm.. Sedih sbnrnya. Sbb tarikh 28 tu dulu pernah jadi tarikh yg aku tunggu2 setiap bulan utk ucap "Happy Monthsary,dear" and hope to wish this "Happy Anniversary,dear" to that person one day. Tapi tu semua hanya tinggal kenangan. Huhu. Sudah la tu pernah jadi tarikh sejarah buat aku,sebab tu la aku emosi. Huhu. Nak nangis la bila teringat semua tu,i mean,kenangan brsama org yg prnah buat aku bahagia,tapi skrg smua nya jadi duka bila dia minta aku utk stay away from him. :'(

Kat FB,kwn2 dlm realiti and dunia maya wish aku happy birthday,tapi aku tak happy pun. :( Most of them,kwn2 yg btl2 kwn aku,mereka ada juga wish,"Don't be sad anymore." Ok,i got their message. I know,I'm being sad like all the time since early of January. But i can't help it. Hmm..

Rasa sedih tu terbawa2 smpai ke waktu persekolahan pagi tu. Entah la,I can't be happy,my schoolmates wished me happy birthday,i just smile and shake their hand's back,and say thank you. They even sponsor me makanan. Haha. Lepas tu baru la aku blh snyum sdikit demi sdkit. Huhu. But still,I felt sad. Haiz. :'/ How can a birthday girl be sad on her own birthday oh? :|

After school time,aku pergi ke Parkson and di sana la aku dpt surprised. I got teddy bear,a HUGE TEDDY BEAR. I can't stop myself hugging it. I love it very much. And thanks to my buddy for the willingness to bought it and gave it to me as a present. After that,I went out with my mum,she bought me a new phone. I got Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. Haha. I like it but don't love it much because i don't like touchscreen's phone. Hmm. But just wanna you know,I'm still grateful to have this phone. Yala.. Bkn senang nak dpt hadiah cam ni. LOL. Dah lama tunggu org belikan aku handphone baru,tak sangka pulak dpt time birthday. Awal bulan ada la bgtau nak handphone baru tp org cakap bulan ni tak dpt la,kena tangguh dulu. Last2 dpt jugak. Haha. Syukur la. :)

See,the teddy is SOOOO BIG! It's bigger than me. Huhu. Best peluk dia ni time tido. Tido smpai tak hengatt dunia. :D
That's my new phone. SE Xperia X8. :D *wingle-wingle*

P/s: I promise,I will smile and be happy like before. To whoever related,one day you will regret on what you've done and make my life turns down before. Eventho' i'm leading my life in grief,I'm sure I will have a good life after this. Soon baby,soon.. :')

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Journey

At this time,I don't know why I misses my ex-boyfriend so much. This feeling is getting worst,I've been thinking about him 24/7. Before sleep and after wake up from sleeping,he keep on running into my mind. I was like.."Where are you dear? I missed you so much" and it make me sad. I really wanna see him,but i can't. He surely don't wanna see me. I don't know why,but i feel like he hates me now. Maybe it just my feeling,but i'm pretty sure about it. I don't know. I really don't know.


That's his name. The memories of our journey start from we became friend till we became couple and then we broke up,always have been flashed back like there's no pause/stop button. Maybe it is because i misses him so much. Not only that,he keep on appear in my dreams. I realize that in my dreams,he's mine but in reality,he's not.

Early in January 2011,the bond of friendship has been tied between us. At that time i never thought that he will become my WORLD to me one day. We getting close everyday,and don't know how the love bloomed in our heart. I still remembered,one night,after I finished my work,he brought me to Grand Old Lady and we hang out with his friends. Then,he and his friend sent me home. After i went out from the car,i said goodbye and so on and suddenly he kissed me. I know,we're still friend at the moment but I can feel the love that I have for him inside my heart. And that was our first kiss. :')

One of our first picture together. We hang out at Tanjung and our status is just a "close friend" at this time.
This picture was taken by my cousin. :)
At 28th April 2011,I accept his love just by saying "be mine" after he keep on asking for how long he need to wait for me. That night,he just don't believe what he heard,he don't believe that i've just said "be mine" at him till i have to say it for few times,after that he just smile and hugged me. :')

And this picture was taken by himself at Luak Esplanade.
We hang out with his friends after the Family Day's event at Miri Marriott Hotel.
We ambil kesempatan utk dating sekejap before joining the rest. Hehe. :')
At this time,we are already in a relationship for a month if I'm not mistaken.

This photo was taken by our friend,Ron. We was at his ex-colleague's house celebrated the closing of Gawai Day.
The baby is his friend's daughter. Haha. Don't get it wrong. We don't have child together. LOL.

A week after that,we broke up. Huhu. I was really upset,sad,down and frust. But it's only for 10 days. Then he came back to me at 28th June 2011. That night,(again?? at night?? Hmm.... =.=').. That night he say,he want we get back together by the same way like i accepted him for the first time. He said it must be exactly like that day (28th April) which is complete with the "be mine" word and huggies. Our relationship going better eventho' there's a little problems,we managed to settle it down.

This little girl is his only sister. The youngest  in his family. She was really shy with me at first but then we became friend and I even manjakan her and let her sat at my paha. Haha. Best hug dia ni. It makes me want to have adik perempuan. Huhu. Mentang2 i don't have adik. Huhu. I missed her. :') And this photo was taken by him before we going out to sent his job application form. :)

These photos was taken by me at Tanjung. :)
Look,that's what he normally do bila dia tak nak diambil gambar. :) 

Its my happy moments with him. Photos taken by me inside the car when I sent him back home.
See,how naughty he is. I missed that. :')

Us. At the Grand Old Lady. These was taken before he start working at the Parkcity Hotel.

Again at Tanjung. Huhu. This time he already got his work. We can't always meet but he still  make time for me. Huhu.
But most of the time,after he met me,he will go to CC to dota-ing with his friends(s). LOL. =.='
Dota is my madu last time. *sigh

He made a late lunch for us on our monthsary. So sweet of him,right? :')
I will never has the chance to taste his cook anymore. :'(
I love this one. And i don't know why. Huhu.
Missed this moment where we met at Tanjung. Yeah.. Tanjung again. Hmm..

This photo was taken at Esplanade. And yeah.. This is my last picture of him.  Hmm.. :(

I missed him a lot. I missed his smile,his warm hugs and kisses on my forehead and cheek. I missed his voice. I missed his naughtiness. I missed his sulking-face. I missed eveything about him,about us. I missed the every moments i have with him. I missed the way i am,laughing and smiling crazily because of him. I missed his scent. I missed to make drink for him in the morning. I missed the time when he played his finger on my hair. I missed to bite him on his shoulder. I missed to make him ticklish every time i put my face in the middle of his back. :') I missed to have an argument with him. I missed all that. :') I missed to wait him going back from hang out with friend until 4am. That's what i did when i'm with him. :') I cherish every happy moment I have with him more than the time he hurt me before. It just like,this love never die for him. But i know,he will never come back for me since he asked me to forget what he told me last time,that is "I would take you back someday eventho' you're with other guy". Hmm..


P/s: Still remember how you got "Tornado" as your nick name? We always argued since the first time we knew each other and that's how I got my "Volcano" name since I will explode when I get really mad and you will be the one who took the anger away just like a tornado that will extinguish the volcano. :') And this is our love's journey,our story to be remember,and our memories together. I'm sorry if this do disturbing your feeling,but do know that i'm crying after a long time when i typed this and looked at all our photos together. The memories is filming again in my mind. :'(

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flying higher to the sky

Helo helo! I'm back. Haha. More than 2 weeks tak blogging. I missed my blog so much oi!! Huhu. Hari ni nak share cerita happy. Yes! I'm happy today. :)

My appearance for today. :)

Siang tadi,I went out with my friends,Rachel,Sureng and Lee Ming. We went to Parkson. Mcm biasalah,Parkson tu tmpat persidangan para remaja kat bandar Miri ni kan. Haha. Sampai je kat Parkson,kami serbu Popular. Mcm biasa,tujuan g sana nak beli brg2 yg brkaitan ngan student. And aku pun nak tgk ada tak buku yg aku cari2 selama ni,tapi stock takde. Pergh! Tension aku. =.= Hampa pun ada. Dah masuk bulan ketiga.buku tu masih takda. :( Ok2.. Skip that part.

Lepas Popular,KFC pula diserbu. Hehe. It's lunch time babe! Rachel dah mengadu lapar juga bah. We order byk2 sampai 3 meja full dgn makanan.

Macam ni
Ni cuma sebahagian jak.

:D Last2,tak dpt nak baham habis semua tu,kitorang blah. :D Haha.

Rachel & Sureng

Ini aku!! :D
Itulah rupa aku yg sgt tekun menikmati  hidangan Colonel Chicken Rice KFC. Hehe.
Ini lah Lee Ming. Emo tak dia? Emo tak? Haha.
Yg sbnrnya,dia tak nak di ambil gmbr pun. Ni main paksa je. :P

Okay,next destination is kedai Optics,teman kwn repair spec. Pastu merayau2 tgk brg. Then kami pergi la ke tmpat main bowling.

Huhu. Lama dah tak main bowling sampai dah tak ingat dah bila last aku main bowling before tadi tu. Tapi kali ni best la. First time main bowling dgn mereka bertiga ni. Haha.

Kasut2 dan heels yg dijual sementara kami main bowling. Haha.  Pilih2,jgn tak pilih. :)

Err.. Wanna know what? I got 3 kisses today. Hahaha! For sure it's from them. Each one gave me a kiss but ON MY CHEEK OKAY? Hehe. I don't know how it started. Kalau tak silap,my girlfie,si Rachel tu main2 nak kiss me,then aku pun mmg dgn perangai yg gila2,main2 juga show her my cheek,sesaat kemudian,tau2 dah mulut dia hinggap kat my pipi. Naahhh! OMG!!

I was like

Haha. Gila kan? But please,I'm not lesbo ok? Huhu. Then,aku pun main2 gak showed my cheek kat Sureng pulak,ni pun tak disangka2 jugak,he kissed my cheek. LOL. =.= Aku main2,tp tak sangka org bagi btl2. Haha. Aku pun apa lagi,terus la menggila. Haha. =.= Then,gara2 tak nak kwn sorg lagi rasa diabaikan,si Lee Ming tu (hehe)..Sooo I let him kissed my cheek too. Haha. Bahagia eh rasa bila dpt kisses. 3 sekaligus pulak tu. LOL. The best feeling ever. I'm flying higher to the sky after that. Haha. Eh. Bukan nak menggedik ye? We are best friends,so be open minded la on that. Okay? :)

Lepas kepenatan main bowling sebanyak 2 games,kami pun gerak ke Watson. Tgk2 apa yg ptut dibeli,then kami balik. Aku sampai rmh pkl 6pm,belum panas pun punggung aku duduk kat kerusi,aku keluar lagi dgn abg and cousin utk pergi ambil Rachel and Lee Ming. Too bad tak dpt bawa Sureng,lagi pun mmg tak cukup space dlm kereta. Haha. Kami bertiga kat belakang pun dah cukup sempit,apalagi duduk berempat kan? Agak excited la bila smpai ke dpn badminton court sebab tu la first time aku masuk ke sana. Hehe. Terlalu byk perkara menarik terjadi time main badminton,tp tak larat nak la type satu2. :( Penatttt! Tapi kan,I'm happy to see that my bro and cousin can get along with my friends. :)

Lepas main selama satu jam 30 minit,kami pun balik. Haha. Sekian lah cerita beta utk kali ini. Beta sudah penat. Sekarang nak study sebab exam week dah tiba. After minggu ni barulah kita enjoy,sebab lepas tu cuti. Hehe. Mid sem holiday. Yay! Tak sabar. :)

P/s: Nak main badminton lagi!! Abg,bila lagi kita nak g main ni? Huhu. Stand by je duit byk2 k utk byr padang. Hehe. Sekian. :D

Kerja gila cousin dan abg aku lepas balik main badminton.
Haha. :D

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