Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some happiness

Sorry for didn't write any for this few days. It's not that i have no time to blogging but i just too lazy to do some update. It's not because i have nothing to share,I do.. But,like i said,i'm lazy enough this week. :D I received a few good news in this week which made me so happy and grateful.

Dear God,thank You for giving me the best gift in my life. I've waited for more than 11 years for my wish to come true. I started to prayed since that for my wish and dream to come true. And you've granted my wish,you've made my dream came true. I thank You for brought back the person that i really wanted to see from years ago. :') It's the biggest ever blessing from You to my family. I was give up once since i've waited so long,but see? You gave me what I need the most. Do place my family in Your hands,Father. Shower my family with Your love and do bless them in what they do. I thank You for what You've did to us. YOUR PLAN'S ARE SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME. :')

I just knew that i'm still loved. Although i have wrong towards >you<,>you< still love me. Yes,I do regret for letting this 'diamond' go before. I still regretted it. :'( I'm so sorry for these 2 hearts. But what can i do? They say,"you deserves this 'diamond',dear". All i can say is,"no..I'm don't deserve 'it'. 'It' is just too good to me." But seriously,i can't turning back and just close my eyes. I've done wrong and just can't simply to forget all thing just like that. And it is what will makes me regret for the rest of life. The existence of the 'diamond' such a beautiful thing that ever happened in my life. :')

I think that's all i want to tell for now. :) See ya for the next 'love letter'. ;)

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