Monday, June 27, 2011

Awesome!! :D

11.45pm ( 26 Jun 2011)

Yahh..I just came home. I know,aku kluar mlm lagi. Haha. What can i do lorh? I was bored at home. So i terus plan utk kluar la. My plan is just wanna lepak at my sis,Racheal's house. Around 8.30pm like that i'm on my way to her house,but before that kena cari her house dulu,sebab her family baru move in to their new house. Still in area Taman Jelita. But jauh sikit dr my house. So i drive around 20 minutes just to find her house,pusing sana pusing sini,finally i found it! Haiyoh.. Lelah my tgn nak pusing stering ke kiri ke kanan. Cubala that car can fly for itself,can best? We just need to tekan button ke kiri ke kanan. Haha. Ok,enough with that. Merapu tak habis2!! After i took my sis,then dlm keta we asked each other "nak pergi mana??" =.=' Hey,no plan at all nak pergi mana,ikut kata hati jak nak kuar,tu pasal la. Then i asked her,you got friend yg tinggal area sini and dpt kuar with us? Then she said,ada,tapi lelaki la,their house is behind her house,so okay la.. I told her to call them. It's John and his brother,Charles. Tggu luar umah them,then we planned to go to Tmn Delight,so i okay jak la. Coz dekat sikit even i have to drive luar dari area my perumahan. Their plan wanna lepak at Pat's house. Hmm.. Kinda not sure leh who's that girl name. I don't know who she is,but sure she is their friend. :) But that person not there and if i'm not mistaken la,she go somewhere,at G.O.L i think. Biasaa.. pusat melepak kutu malam sana. Haha. Then we go to Tanjong la. Lepak there kejap. We just arrived there and we bumped into Assan,birthday boy! ^^ He limpas us when he wanted to buy some drinks. Hard drink for sure. :) Life babeyh! :) After they come back from buy drinks,they come to see us. Assan,Fizan and one boy. Don't know what is his name. ^^ Hehe. We wish Assan happy birthday. Then me and my sis pa lagi bila dah jumpa Fizan,the guy that both of us gelar as BUDAK MANJA AND CUTE. Haha. He escaped doh! Belum balik asrama lagi. He supposed to balik asrama this evening but BBQ punya hal,terus delay beliau nak balik. Beliau?? Haha. Mana2 la. :p We bullied him and he bullied us back dgn mengatakan yg my sis and me pendek. =.= Zzz.. Mentang2 dia tinggi. Kan? Then they continued their BBQ,berpisah la kami di sana. Haha.

Then my friends follow me went to Stanley's house. I met him at luar his house. We talked little but too many things that we want to say,but just keep it la inside your heart. :) Before i went back,we hugged,aww~ :( I really miss that. :( He kiss my cheeck and my forehead. Then i was so touched and wanna cry at the same time because i realized that he's not mine anymore. :'( Then i entered the car and he was going back to the flat. Then my cutey dutey sis Racheal asked,"Tadi apahal? Korang 2 dah return?" I said no. And she asked,"habis tu? Tadi tu apa?" I just say,"Just a hug.. Biasala.. Rindu bah sis". She just,"owh..okay :) " Nahh~ Then we went to the 7 Eleven just to buy Slurpee. =.=' Damn! Never thought that i will drive to the town,that's so far. Plus i still have no permission at all to drive that far. Haha. But who will knows? As long as my family don't know about it,so i won't kena marah la. :p Hey you guys,keep it as a secret okay? Don't backstab me. Haha. Proceed.. Then we went back home,i sent them safely to their house then i sent me myself to my house. Hahaha. :D

Now,i was sitting in front of my lappy and blogging plus facebooking. The funniest thing is,after all of us sampai rumah,semua post kat facebook about having Slurpee! Hahahaha! So obsess about Slurpee huh? Terutama my sis tu. I can see that she like it very much cuz its BRAIN-FREEEEZZZEEEing! your mind! But i didn't have the chance to play that ice on my tounge! :( *sigh. That is because i was driving at that time. Once i get back home,the ice dah mula cair. So i just drink the water je la. Neyh~ Poor me huh? :D Orite. End of my story for this. :)

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